13 photos of adorable military kids welcoming their parents home from deployment

By J.G. Noll

Is there anything in the military community quite as wonderful or anticipated as a homecoming?

Often homecomings are highly romanticized and can become elaborate fantasies perpetuated by social media and “homecoming porn.” For spouses, the thought of that first embrace and kiss can make the long days and longer months more bearable. But for our tiniest members of the military community, homecomings are moments when Mom or Dad is no longer just a face on a screen or a distant memory. The joy and excitement of seeing their parent is immediate and electric.

1. A child embraces his father after forgetting his painstakingly made welcome home sign.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Senior Airman Ryan Conroy

2. A family of almost-four waits shiny-eyed for Daddy to show up and hold them.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ellen Hilkowski

3. A Marine and his son reconnect over a dufflebag.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Cpl. Julio McGraw

4. An exhausted young boy clings to his father’s shoulder.

Photo credit: DVIDS

5. It’s time to go home… finally.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Cpl. N.W. Huertas

6. Embraced by her father, this tiny patriot sheds a tear.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Staff Sgt. Joe W. McFadden

7. It’s the best day ever!

Photo credit: DVIDS, Airman Dennis Spain

8. Waiting can be tough… but military kids know how to with style.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Airman Dennis Spain

9. This little girl runs into her dad’s open arms.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael H. Lee

10. This tiny tyke waits for the best birthday present… ever.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Airman Dennis Spain

11. A daughter greets her father on the tarmac.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Cpl. Zachary Orr

12. If you’ve ever attended even one homecoming, you know exactly how this little girl is feeling.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Petty Officer 3rd Class Amanda Norcross

13. A little boy shares a moment of pride with his dad… and his dad’s hat.

Photo credit: DVIDS, Sgt. Lillian Stephens

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  1. Herlige bilder..godt du kan nynne sammen med englene og ta ting i den farten du vil..Eneregien kommer nok tilbake nÃ¥r vi bikker over pÃ¥ den andre siden av Ã¥ret… Kjenner pÃ¥ det selv om da.eleg..Knemmer Kerstin

  2. , they have no real influence anywhere": I can't know. We are very vocal for Israel. but living faith is not all about having influence over others. It is first about putting ones' self under the influence of G-d. He defined Israels' borders, and to always remain the same.

  3. This is awesome. The feeling it conveys to me is how proud you are to be an American and how proud you are of these young men fighting for our freedom and our safety in our world. Thanks again for sharing your work. Can’t wait to see you in Columbia Mo.

  4. Hey! I was reading through your blog and thought it was very insightful. I’d love to contribute, so let me know if you could fit a guest post in!Thanks,Christine

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