These 20 restaurants have the best military discounts

These 20 restaurants have the best military discounts

Going out to eat can be a perfect way to connect with your spouse or your kids. Here are restaurants that have some of the best military discounts. (Remember: Not all restaurants nationwide will offer these exact discounts and they can change at any time.)

1. Golden Corral: Depending on the location you can save 10-20 percent off your buffet meal with your military ID.

2. Hard Rock Cafe: You can find discounts at certain Hard Rock Cafes. For example, Hard Rock Cafe San Diego offers 15 percent off food and non-alcoholic beverages with a valid military ID.

3. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company: At this restaurant based on the movie, Forrest Gump, they offer a 10 percent off military discount.

4. Johnny Rockets: This burger joint offers 10 percent off for those with your military ID. Some restaurants offer 50 percent off if you are in uniform.

5. IHOP: International House of Pancakes offers 20 percent with a valid military ID based on the owner’s discretion.

6. Shoney’s: This all-American restaurant offers 15 percent off to the military with a valid ID at participating locations.

7. Backyard Burgers: The discount depends on location, but you might be able to receive 20% off with a valid military ID and enjoy some delicious tasting burgers.

8. Del Taco: Enjoy their tacos and burritos with 50 percent off at select locations.

9. Boston Market: Receive 20 percent off your chicken meal at participating locations with a valid military ID.

10. Schlotzsky’s Deli: This deli will offer you between 10-30 percent off of your meal, depending on location.

11. Paper Murphy’s Pizza: At certain locations, you can get 50 percent off of your take and bake pizza.

12. Denny’s: This diner will offer military a 10 or 20 percent discount depending on the location.

13. The Melting Pot: This fondue restaurant sometimes offers a 50 percent discount a few times a year. They usually offer the discount for a week at a time.

14. Dairy Queen: Although this military discount depends on your location, you can sometimes find restaurants that will give up to 50 percent off for military in uniform.

15. Chuck E. Cheese: This play and pizza place offers a couple of military specials. The Alpha– 1 large one-topping pizza, four drinks, and 45 tokens or the Bravo–two large one-topping pizzas, four drinks, and 100 tokens with any military ID or CAC card.

16. Cracker Barrel: There are some Cracker Barrel restaurants that do offer a military discount. Make sure to ask the next time you go. The military discount includes any of the items in the store as well as their yummy hometown cooking.

17. Ruby Tuesday’s: This restaurant with a fantastic salad bar, burgers, and more will offer you 10 percent off in select locations.

18. Texas Roadhouse: Take the family out to dinner at this steakhouse where you can find 10 percent off your meal with a valid military ID.

19. Applebee’s: This family restaurant offers 10 percent off except for their 2 for $20 specials. Some locations do have a Military Monday special which is 30 percent off on Mondays only.

20. Local restaurants: Ask about military discounts at some of your favorite local restaurants. Often they will offer a discount, especially if you are in a military town.

Keep in mind that a lot of these restaurants also offer a separate military promotion on Veterans Day and/or Memorial Day. The discount could be a free meal, a bigger percentage off of your bill, or a free appetizer or dessert.

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7 Replies to “These 20 restaurants have the best military discounts”

  1. Candi Ford says:

    I think they should do a Military discount at anytime. These men and women sacrificed their lives for us. The least restaurants and stores can do is give them that.. Not just on certain holidays and days you feel like giving it. You would get more business doing this plus more people spreading the word.. My husband is an NHARNG veteran served 20 years. He doesn’t feel like he’s acknowledged at all. All of these service. Men and women should be!!!

  2. 18 years AD and have ate a no less than 15 Cracker Barrel’s across the US and have NEVER received a military discount from any of them and have asked every time.

  3. Cracker Barrell in Shelbyville Ky doesn’t give Military discount I ask ever time I go!!!

  4. The cracker barrel in Myrtle beach sc doesn’t give one either.

  5. Someone might want to let Cracker Barrel know they offer a military discount. We’ve been to multiple ones to include but limited to NV, AZ, FL, IN, OH and a few other states in between. I still love them but there’s not a discount given at many of the restaurants.

  6. The military discounts that are not great are the ones that require the active duty personnel to be in uniform. For the Marines they are not to be in uniform (cammies) out in town. Unless they are on recruiting duty or coming to/from an event the likelihood of them putting on their uniform for a discount is close to zero. Might as well just not offer one at all.

    I do love the local stores, discounts or not. We are big on giving back to the community we live in and visit. Keep the community strong & vibrant. Local businesses all the way!!

  7. I’ve inquired about the military discount at the local Cracker Barrel and I’ve been told there is no such discount. Please delete Cracker Barrel from the list of restaurants honoring military discounts or check with the company to confirm this information. If a discount is authorized, retail stores should be advised

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