Savvy MilSpouses saving thousands on kids’ clothing

Roth TSP

Welcome to our guest blogger, Sara Gibbs, from thredUP .  Continue reading to find a special offer for our readers. If there’s one thing that MilSpouses are great at, it’s doing more with less.  So how do you keep up with your need for bigger and bigger kids’ clothing when your paycheck seems smaller and […]

How Teachers Can Help the Children of Those Who Serve

Originally Posted by: Staff Wednesday, April 10, 2013 School can be the most routine and predictable place for a child who’s dealing with a parent’s deployment. And, that’s a good thing. Teachers can make the most of that stable environment by incorporating a few techniques to help military children feel safe and included while […]

PCS/Travel Light!

Thank you to our guest blogger, Bobbi Pack from, as we approach PCS crunch time Whether you’re PCS trip is a long journey or short, from my experience of in general over the years, the #1 thing I can say is be prepared, but Travel Light!   You’ll be surprised as to how little […]

Caregivers American’s Hidden Heroes

Blog courtesy of Theresa Buchanan, Youth Initiatives Director for the National Military Family Association More than a million military caregivers serve our Nation every day by helping their wounded warriors do things many of us consider simple: eat, bathe, dress, and more. They are America’s hidden heroes.   As noted by President Lincoln in his […]

Do Your Kids Love Bread?

Nourish Schools

  Blog courtesy of  Casey Seidenberg and Nourish Schools My boys love bread. Most kids do. I quite enjoy bread myself, especially when it appears as a crusty baguette on the side of one of the many soups, stews, curries and chilis we are eating this time of year. It isn’t an accident that curries […]

PCSing with our 4-legged Army Brats

Thank you to our guest blogger, Bobbi Pack from, as we approach PCS crunch time Chewy and Autumn have been 4-legged Army Brats for 5 years now and are PCS experts.  OK, before you ask-Chewy and Autumn are our doggies and we can’t imagine life without them.  Many people think when you PCS you […]