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Everyone Serves Handbook

  A clear view of what goes through children’s heads and hearts when deployment arrives.  Thanks Jen! My husband’s squadron does not go on “typical” deployments, therefore we do not experience the “typical” farewell or welcome home fan fare.  It’s usually quiet with only a few families whose spouses are going on the detachment and […]

Are you Preparing for or in the Middle of a Deployment?

Handle deployment, don’t let it handle you! Thank you to our guest blogger, Trista LaBorn from A Purpose Driven Wife Deployment SUCKS! It’s horrible to spend this much time and effort thinking the “What If’s”, worrying, getting depressed, etc. These are things that need to be done, so you can enjoy a peace of mind […]

Amy’s Adventures: Trip completed, Unpacking Begins

Thank you to Amy who gave us a window into her  PCS across the country!  It was awesome to follow her as she and her family moved from one coast to another.   Well, I can’t believe our cross-country trip has already come and gone. We had a wonderful time and are eternally grateful to […]

Applying the Dare to a Military Marriage

Thank you to Sarah Peachey for these amazing blogs!  This one is my personal favorite~ Danya             A lot of books are on the market to assist couples in healing their marital differences. Some deal with specific love languages for each person or the specific need each partner has. Unfortunately, there are very few books […]

Still My Dad

Thank you to Julia  A. Maki for allowing us to feature her amazing stories on our website! I joined the Navy 2 wks after I graduated high school. I could not wait to see the world AND I wanted to fly. I soon became an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator- a combat rate that had only […]