Make your temporary home cozier with décor tips

  Thank you to Sarah Peachey for these fabulous decorating tips! Whether you live in privatized installation housing or are renting a home off post/base, the first step after unpacking and organizing is decorating. With large white walls and neutral carpets, many spouses wonder what they can do to make their home cozy and different […]

4 Freeing Ways to Cope with Deployment During the Holidays

  By Erin Bettis   Many of us have been there. We’ve had to endure the holiday season while our service member is deployed. Once past Halloween, panic settles in knowing that holiday parties, photo-ops and precious seasonal memories will happen without our spouse. Panic soon molds into sadness as lights are strung and stockings […]

Meeting Daddy

Thank you to Bridget for this true story of why it is so important to keep your loved ones’ memory alive while he or she is deployed! About a month ago, my husband returned from another seven-month deployment. The previous deployments/detachments brought many of the same feelings as this one: excitement, anxiousness, etc. Adding to […]

Entrepreneur? Yes. you can!

Thank you to Jessica Bertsch for this inspiring blog! “Honey, orders are in…we’re moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia.” Outwardly I show signs of total excitement, but on the inside, I’m battling feelings of: ·         Why does he get to flourish in his career and I don’t? ·         How will I tell my boss I’m moving […]

Kelly’s PCS Adventure Begins

Kelly’s Adventures begin Thursday, December 12, 2013 I am very excited to share my experience with you all for my first PCS!  My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years, so I am new to the whole military lifestyle.  Since Alex has been in the Marines for 14 years, people assume that […]

PCSing Over The Holidays

Thank you to Bobbi Pack from! Yep…it’s that time again…The Holidays Are Here!!….Woot-Woot!…But, what if you get those cute little things called, “orders” in December…what do you do?…What about presents, a Christmas tree, stockings all hung by the chimney with care and the BIG one…you know Santa…What About Santa? How will Santa visit when […]

5 Tips for Finding a Great Rental Home


Posted on Nov 25, 2013 | Category: Home This content is provided courtesy of USAA. The recent price upswing in the housing market is causing some Americans to put the dream of homeownership on hold. And according to the professionals, that’s not necessarily a bad decision. Walter Molony of the National Association of Realtors says […]