Your Everyday Super-Soldier: An Interview with Enlisted ‘s Kevin Biegel

MilitaryOneClick contributing writer Emily Sovich sat down to chat with Enlisted (Fox, Friday 9/8c) creator Kevin Biegel about his inspiration for the show, the importance of hiring veterans, and MREs.  Read on for some behind-the-scenes scoop, and don’t forget about your chance to win exclusive prizes from the set — get the details here. ————- After more […]

What the Proposed Budget Cuts Could Mean to You

Thank you our guest blogger, Sarah Peachey, for the facts and her personal thoughts! Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced February 24 that the Pentagon is planning more sweeping cuts with the 2015 Defense budget. This time, Basic Allowance for Housing, commissary subsidies and Tricare benefits are on the chopping block along with extreme troop […]

Shopping, Deals, Discounts & More!

Thank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for this overview of our shopping, deals and discount resources! That is what MilitaryOneClick offers for our service members (active and retired) and their family members.  Whether you are a “rookie” or a “veteran” to the military world, MilitaryOneClick can help you out.  I remember when I first […]

Troop and Family Support Resources

Thank you to Rheanna Bernard from Cammo Style Love for reviewing some of our resources!   With the height of the war feeling as though it were only yesterday it seems there are a plethora of support organizations out there. Even if you aren’t sure of what they are exactly, you know they are there. […]

Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget with these 8 Tips

Thank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for these great ideas! OK, let’s all be honest for a second….we all live on a budget some tighter than others.  And, face it, it’s a little easier to justify eating unhealthy foods when you’re broke.   I can remember in college I ate Ramen noodles every night…..they were […]