Thank you to Casey from Nourish Schools for this informative blog! My boys love to talk about the biggest bone in their body (the femur) and the largest muscle (the gluteus maximus). What is it with boys and big? I stumped them recently when I asked them to name the body’s largest organ. They debated […]

What I’m Doing With My Tax Refund

Roth TSP

Love this blog courtesy of  USAA! ‎   by Scott Halliwell, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM   This year, Team Halliwell will be like many other American families.   We’re getting a tax refund!   Yes, I know that’s contrary to the conventional financial planning wisdom I’ve championed for years: “Don’t give Uncle Sam an interest-free loan.” […]

The Importance of Community Engagement

Thank you to guest blogger, Catherine Lopez for sharing her secrets on engaging your community as a career-minded military spouse! Regardless if you are a new military spouse or seasoned, we have all been caught up in installation life at one point in time.  I was a new military spouse when I moved to Fort […]

What Happened to Malaysian Flight 370?

CDR Eddie Pilcher, a navy pilot with international experience, joined Dr. Bill Bennett’s Morning in America Radio show on March 18th to talk about the possibilities in the disappearance of MH370, which disappeared after taking off from Kuala Lampur in the early hours of March 8th.  There has been no contact with the plane or […]

It’s Time for Spring Break! How about a Road Trip?

Enjoy The Ride!…..Tips On How To Enjoy A Family Road Trip I’ve checked all four tires on the mini-van, the oil has been changed and all fluids have been topped-off. Strap on some brand new windshield wipers and we are ready for anything. Yep, you have guessed it…’s time for the annual family road trip. […]

Five Things To Do When You Get Your PCS Orders

You’ve received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, and after the panic subsides, you know you’ll need to get yourself and your family organized for the relocation process. So what’s your next move? Once you have your PCS orders in hand, make sure to take the following steps: 1. Set up a meeting with […]