Springtime is a Great Time to Check Yourself

by Christine Leccese, MPH Each April, we welcome nature’s new beginnings. The snow has finally melted, the buds are on the trees and the flowers are sprouting up. We start thinking about what the warmer months will mean – travel to visit family, baseball and soccer for the kids, and just being outside more. As […]

7 Ways to Teach Teens to Manage Money

Roth TSP

  ‎ When it comes to money know-how, teenagers’ expertise is often limited to one particular aspect: spending it. This narrow knowledge won’t improve much without some help. “Financial literacy is an essential parental responsibility, right up there with food, clothing and shelter,” says JJ Montanaro, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at USAA.   As […]

Red Dot, Blue Dot, Green Dot, WHAT?

Thank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for this excellent PCS blog! The doorbell rings and it’s the movers, you are not prepared, the movers roll their eyes…..this is not a good way to start your PCS. PCSing is stressful enough, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Every military spouse will tell […]

Survey shows military spouse employment is not easy feat

Thank you to Sarah Peachey for this thoughtful article!             If you’re a military spouse and have experienced hardship while attempting to expand your career, you aren’t alone. More than 55 percent of military spouses have indicated that it was difficult finding their current or most recent job. You may recall MilitaryOneClick posting a link […]

How to Have a Posh Easter on a Tight Budget

Thank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for helping keep the bunny on a budget! I love Easter!…When it comes to getting the Easter basket together I wish I could spare no expense.  However, I am on a very tight budget and do not have unlimited funds to spend.  So, I set out with $20 […]

6 Ways to Get More Cash for Your Car

 Shopping for a new car can be a lot of fun. Your car-buying excitement may come to a screeching halt, however, when faced with the prospect of selling your old car. To get you motivated, we asked some car experts to explain how you can help simplify the process and get the most cash for […]

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Thank you to our guest blogger and good friend of mine, Amanda Buchner, from SnackWars for sharing her story of living with mental illness! ~ Danya   Healthy living encompasses not only the physical body, but the mind as well. Mental health plays just as important role in one’s overall health and happiness, and needs […]