How to Dominate Your OCONUS PCS: 10 Vital Tips

In the military, if you’re lucky enough, you might get the chance to move outside the continental United States to Europe, Asia, or even little-known tropical places like the Marshall Islands. While it’s exciting to experience an OCONUS move, it also takes a lot of prep time. Unlike a CONUS PCS, you will need medical […]

Here’s to You, Military Spouse

Every year on the first Friday of May, we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Conveniently scheduled just two days before Mother’s Day, this occasion is one that goes relatively unnoticed at my house. My husband will tell you “Everyday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!” and to the rest of the world, the day is just […]

To My Active Duty Wife on Mother’s Day

A male military spouse writes a letter to his active duty wife in honor of Mother's Day.

To my Active Duty wife, and mother of our children, I send messages of Love, Admiration, and Gratitude on this Mother’s Day– Whenever people are asked when they knew that their spouse was the one, many respond in broad terms, saying that their love and romance blossomed over time. Oh, there may have been hints […]