4 Resources for LGBT Military Families

Editor’s Note: We had planned this piece on Pride Month and LGBT resources for military families and the publishing date before the horrific and unconscionable events at Pulse in Orlando. We hope that the publishing of this post in light of that hate and terror underscores our commitment to supporting all military families, regardless of what […]

To My Military Husband on Father’s Day

To my military husband on Father's Day-- so sweet! (2)

We just got you back, and you’re gone again. You’ve missed birthdays and Christmases, anniversaries and Thanksgivings. You’ve missed big days and little moments, first dance recitals and last days of school, all because you felt in your heart the call to serve. And here we are, on this day dedicated to recognizing you, staring […]

The Perfect Summer Bucket List for Military Kids

Love this summer bucket list for military kids! (3)

Summer can be a hard time for military kids. Mine started complaining about it early in March when orders started coming down and friends were talking about moving. “Mom, everyone is moving to Korea. Are we moving, too?” my son asked. Nope. Not this year. But trust me, I had those same feelings last year. […]