Entrepreneur Sailor Sees Opportunity in Care Packages

Mail call! The short phrase immediately garners excitement among those deployed away from the comforts of home. Chelsea Mandello, who has served in the Navy for five years, compared the feeling to that of how kids are on Christmas morning. The sailor knew how much she appreciated getting mail from loved ones so she came […]

Why Your Family Needs a Resilient Military Family Mission Statement

 Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to present a new, monthly column, The Resilient Homefront  by Courtney Woodruff, subject matter expert with a Master’s in Human Services Counseling- Military Resilience. Look for a new post the first Monday of every month! She was staring back at me blankly, unblinking. Her familiar eyes were swollen, red-rimmed and filled with tears. […]

My Military Marriage Was the Best Thing for My Career

This morning I read an article that has been making the rounds with military spouses recently. “Why I Quit My Job and Followed my Fiance”took me down memory lane since I was in the same spot as the author six years ago. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got married in our early twenties, two months […]

6 Travel Hacks for Military Families on Vacation

This post is sponsored by TravelCenters of America. All opinions and work are the author’s own. The summertime brings warm weather, drinking ice cold lemonade, and the lust for traveling. I know that, as a military couple, even thinking about wanting to travel for the summer makes your wallet shed a tear. But don’t let […]

Paychecks Are Guaranteed: 11 Misconceptions About Military Finances

Navigating personal finances while serving in the military can be challenging, and military financial advisors frequently encounter the same questions and misinformation. We asked military Personal Financial Counselor, Kayla Andrews, AFC®, to dispel some common financial misconceptions she hears when advising military clients. Here are the top 11. Military pay is always guaranteed. While the […]