Thank you, Rose: Our first and faithful volunteer

Have you ever met someone in the military and veteran community who knows how to find that perfect resource for you or someone you know?  That’s Rose Holland, our amazing MilitaryOneClick volunteer and Army spouse. Since January 2012, Rose has been our incredible volunteer organizing and running our monthly Charity Challenge non-profit program, as well […]

The days after 9/11: Our finest moments

A reflection on unity after 9/11.

By Babette Maxwell I cry.  Every single time. When I watch footage of 9/11/01, my heart breaks again and again.  I watched everything happen in real-time that day, in front of the TV after just celebrating my first son’s first birthday.  I was stunned, shocked, convinced it wasn’t real. How in the world could we […]

Military community weighs in: Johnson wins Commander-in-Chief poll

MilitaryVotesMatter (powered by MilitaryOneClick), Doctrine Man, We Are The Mighty, and Got Your 6 teamed up to offer a non-partisan poll to the military and veteran communities to better gauge where military-connected registered voters currently stand for the Presidential election. This poll is not meant to reflect the views of the entire military community population or the entire […]

5 ways military families can observe Patriot Day

By T.T. Robinson There are dates in our nation’s history, which, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt put it best, will live in infamy. The events etched in our hearts, seared in our minds, inscribed forever in our history books. Pearl Harbor. The assassination of President Kennedy. The Challenger explosion. And for our generation, September 11, […]