This Green Beret got kicked out of Soundgarden and Nirvana

By James Barber,‘s Entertainment Editor The mindblowing journey of Jason Everman took him from being the guy who got kicked out of both Nirvana and Soundgarden to U.S. Army Special Forces to Columbia University philosophy grad. Only the most devoted Nirvana fans remember Everman, who became the band’s fourth member when he joined as second […]

The 5 best things to come from military spouses

By Rebecca Alwine Military spouses are born innovators. We can make a stark, boring house look amazing and lived in within a week. We can take random food from the pantry and whip up something for a pot luck at a moment’s notice. We even managed to get ink stains out of uniforms on a semi-regular basis. […]

These 9 photos show Santa is a man of many MOSs

We all knew Santa Claus was part aviator with his raging around the world in his sleigh and part special operator with his slipping down chimneys action, but — as these 9 photos show — he’s a man of many warfare specialties: 1. Tanker 2. Loadmaster 3. Squad leader 4. SAR swimmer 5. Base firefighter 6. Crew […]