5 ways teachers can help struggling military kids

My family moved from Ft .Carson, CO to Ft. Stewart, GA last year. After spending four years in Colorado, it was the only home our five-year-old was old enough to know. It was difficult for her to understand. . .  and impossible for my husband and I to explain that she didn’t do anything wrong; […]

7 ideas for planning the perfect staycation

Some of us are lucky enough to take a vacation every year, where that’s just not an option for others. No matter if you are going on vacay or staying home for the rest of the summer, there are little things you can do to have a wonderful ‘Staycation’ right where the military has planted […]

Here’s how I solo parented a newborn during deployment

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop. Having a baby alone is not easy, but thousands of military wives or girlfriends have survived this challenge.  Once the baby arrives, that’s when things become challenging. The sleepless nights of the newborn stage are particularly exhausting for a solo mom. However, with a little patience and […]

Be thankful for contributions of military spouses

Editor’s Note: Air Force Col. Aaron “Chewy” Burgstein wrote this unpublished commentary in the fall of 2014 while undergoing medical treatment for a brain tumor. He unfortunately passed away on Jan. 27, 2015. In recognition of Military Spouses Appreciation Day on May 21 and Memorial Day on May 31, Air Force News is publishing Col. Burgstein’s […]

Keep costs down on college dorm stuff

Families all over the country are preparing for kids to leave for college next month.  Some of that preparation includes figuring out what is needed for the college dorm room, how to get it at the best price, and how to get it to school.  Military families often have special concerns, as kids may be […]