West Point Davis Barracks dedication honors Tuskegee Airman

  In 1932, Benjamin O. Davis Jr. entered the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, only to be silenced by the Corps of Cadets. Eighty-five years later, USMA has payed homage to Davis’ legacy with the dedication of the newest, most innovative and eco-friendly barracks in his memory. On August 18, the U.S. Military Academy […]

Textbooks are tax-exempt in some states

You learn something new every day! Today, I learned that some states exempt some or all textbooks from sales tax.  Details vary by state, so if you are in one of these states, you might want to ask around when you are buying textbooks. This chart lists the state, the state sales tax rate, and […]

What to look for in a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer used to seem an expense of time and money reserved for the rich and famous. But today, with so much emphasis on healthful living and an array of training options, even everyday workout warriors are going the professional route. Finding a trainer has never been easier. Most gyms have trainers on […]

In Tokyo, tourist mistakes eased by helpful Japanese

It was a hectic moment. I was in Tokyo’s Times Square-like Shinjuku district, accompanied by a couple of guys I’d met on my flight from Minneapolis. Our taxi had pulled curbside. We argued over who would pay, our cash-wielding fists jousting for the clearest path to the driver’s hand. Blaine won, and out we tumbled […]

National Parks give over 1 million free military passes

It’s one of my favorite military family perks — a free pass to America’s National Parks for active duty, National Guard and Reservist military members and their families. The program, started in 2013, allows anyone holding one of those ID cards to get a free America the Beautiful pass. The pass gives you free entrance to national parks with […]

South Korea’s millennials could determine fate of U.S. alliance

Derided as self-absorbed, dismissed as a “lost generation,” young South Koreans have defied their skeptics this year by spearheading the election of a new president, and helping to oust the previous one. Now, as both Seoul and Washington confront North Korea over its nuclear weapons program, a big question here is the depth of the […]