Purchasing reduced survivor benefit plan coverage

One thing that surprises a lot of people is that military retirement pay ends with the death of the service member.  Retiring service members who want to provide income to replace military retirement pay may elect to purchase coverage under the military’s Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP.)  SBP is just one of the many income replacement options available, […]

New tools made available and free for service member suicide prevention

In recent years, suicide has become a hot-button issue within the military community. From presidential campaigns to public service announcements, it’s a conversation that is ubiquitous in the military and civilian communities alike. Entering into that conversation are more resources from the Semper Fi Fund, which has released a series of videos and a documentary […]

USAA offers credit card perks for deployment

Deployment isn’t always fun, but there are some up-sides. Many families use the tax-free income and special pays to improve their overall financial standing. Other great benefits include the special deployment perks offered on USAA credit cards. All deployments USAA members who have a USAA MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit account may have their […]