5 Non-Traditional Holiday Habits We Love

5 Non-Traditional Holiday Habits We Love

As we near the holidays this year, seemingly nothing is going as planned. Which might sound disheartening in the small of it. But in the grand scheme of things, 2020 is actually the perfect time to try new things. In a time when nothing is going as planned, why not switch up the holidays too?!

Whether you’re a current lover of non-traditional holidays, or you prefer to stick to what you know best, take a look at these fan favorites. Folks are taking the un-normal and having fun with it, right into the holidays.

Our favorite non-traditional habits include:

1. Winter BBQ

We miss the grill all winter long, so why not make an exception for the holidays?! Gather your favorite friends and family members, and re-create a cold weather bbq event. Sure it might be a little chilly for whoever’s doing the cooking, but when the end result is a tasty reminder of summer, it’s more than worth a little chill.

Added bonus for those living in Southern climates – you won’t even have to freeze for your holiday grilling event!

2. Skip the Gifts!

If the season is all about giving, why not consider some new ways to give? There are plenty who clean out their homes and donate this time of year. But you don’t have to skip out on the fun altogether. Consider how you’ll give to those closest to you, but perhaps without shopping or giving new presents. You can take a trip or plan a fun event rather than gifts – presenting everyone with the gift of a fun time. Or you can just spend some time together with a night in – high-quality time with no phones and no bad attitudes. This can be considered one of the best gifts of all. (Especially for parents of teenagers.)

3. Celebrating Early

Christmas falls on the same day each year, while Hanukkah and Kwanza have traditional timelines of their own. But what if you just made your own holiday date instead? This is becoming a new norm of military families who celebrate with their service member, rather than waiting for calendar dates.

Military families who choose to celebrate early (or late for that matter) state how it’s a nice break away from marketing norms and allows them to relax amid the traditional pressure to buy.

4. Cook Something Different

There’s no law stating you have to have ham and mashed potatoes. No, cider doesn’t have to be present. Cookies don’t have to host red and green sprinkles, and sodas don’t need to be winter themed. Sure, these might be the ingredients available at the time, but what if you just made something different instead? We’re talking, out of the blue, completely non holiday-ish.

Try it! (And while you’re at it, no, “Christmas dishes” aren’t confined to the holidays either.

5. Test out a Foreign Tradition

Just because you aren’t traveling doesn’t mean you can’t add some culture to your lives. Take a look at some of the different traditions going on throughout the world, and even trying them out at home. For example, in the Netherlands, kids leave their shoes outside the door for St. Nicholas Day (December 5th), Greece decorates their boats in beautiful lights, while Mexico celebrates nine days leading up to Christmas Eve, complete with singing, tamales, and Christmas punch, and of course, a holiday piñata.

Consider expanding your horizons this holiday season with new family traditions to celebrate with your loved ones. Whether it’s a one-time event or a habit you pick up for years to come, it’s a fun and exciting way to jazz up the holidays and give a fresh take to one of the favorite times of the year.