These Are the 5 Stages of Grief When You’re Stationed Somewhere That Doesn’t ‘Do’ Autumn

It can be hard to be stationed somewhere that doesn’t “have” the seasons the way you expect them. Whether it’s living somewhere that seems to have winter eight months out of the year or being on a tropical island that has eternal summer, it can be a little tough–especially when you want to get into the holiday spirit. For many spouses who love fall and are somewhere that doesn’t quite exactly “have” that season, it can be a bit to work through:

1. Denial


“Sure, it’s the end of October and, sure, we haven’t gotten below 85 yet . . . but I’m sure it gets cold enough for a few leaves to change.”

2. Anger


“It might be 90 degrees, but I will drink this pumpkin spice latte in a sweater and boots if it’s the last thing I do! Heat stroke be damned.”

3. Bargaining


“If it drops below 80 sometime in the next three months, I won’t even complain when the kids’ candy melts while we’re trick-or-treating.”

4. Depression


“Everything is the worst. I’d light an apple-scented candle, but it’s so humid I don’t even want to move.”

5. Acceptance


“We’re here for two more years, so we’ll deal. And we will definitely put in orders for somewhere that has fall.”

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