7 Reasons Why The MilSpouse Community Rocks

(Photo: U.S. Air Force, Senior Airman Jaeda Tookes)

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we asked readers to share what makes our community so special. Here’s what you had to say:

Fast Friends

“They understand, and become close friends really fast. Like: Nice to meet you, can I use you as an emergency contact, and what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Fast!” – Michelle Hutcheson-Tipton

Super Parents

“The ability to be both mom and dad whenever you have to. Doing it on your own is sometimes extremely hard.” – Nancy O’Daniel

Home Away From Home

“They become your tribe when you live so far away from family.” – CeLyna Avila Chichester

A Strong Global Community…

“The diversity of friendships. Military life attracts all walks of life. I love meeting new friends from all over the world with different backgrounds from my own.” – Mary Afton-Tarr

…And A Digital One

“The amazing support even when you are a little isolated as a Guard spouse – the online community is so awesome!!” – Christine Raffaele

Making Miracles Happen

“I love how we rally when something goes down. We can make miracles happen and things get done fast!” – Judy Davis

We Support Each Other

“There seems to always be someone willing to take a chance with another spouse’s business, blog, or friendship. We give of ourselves in the best ways!” – MilKids Ed


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