7 times Kate Middleton was every military spouse

By J.G. Noll

Photo: Wikimedia, Tom Soper Photography

We may not be on the cover of People or marry our hubby in Westminster Abbey. Millions of people around the world didn’t watch our weddings. We  haven’t given birth to children who are in line for the British crown. And we probably haven’t even worn fascinators to shindigs…or at least, we haven’t rocked them like Kate has. (No one can wear them like she can.) But, believe it or not, we all have a few shared experiences with the Dutchess of Cambridge, the most famous military spouse in the world.

1. She’s drawn strength from more experienced milspouses

Photo: The White House

In 2011, when on a trip to California, Kate (oh, we’re totally on a first-name basis) met with milspouses. At the time, she had only just married Prince William and had questions for the American wives on how to deal with deployments. She listened as they talked about their lives… and she learned how to better support spouses in the UK.

2. She’s dabbled in owning her own business

Photo: Wikimedia, Ricky Wilson

Many military spouses– even if they don’t think of themselves as entrepreneurs– have at least dabbled in owning their own business. No, she isn’t a Lu La Roe consultant and she’s not designing her own products for sale, but before she became a dutchess, Kate and her brother had plans to open a bakery together.

3. She’s shopped at the commissary

Photo: Wikimedia, Tom Soper Photography

No doubt with a butler in tow. But still…

4. She’s experienced deployments 

Prince Wills has been deployed and been gone for trainings and non-combat missions. And yes, it’s a bit different for a prince’s deployment than the average serf’s. But distance is distance is distance. Kate and William have experienced sketchy Skype feeds, emails that only come sometimes, and the ache of being alone together.

5. She’s attended life events alone

Photo: Wikimedia, Carfax2

It’s a rite of passage for military spouses and significant others to attend weddings, funerals, and anniversary parties while their partners are far away. Princess Kate is no stranger either. Even as a girlfriend, Kate has shown up to weddings of her then-boyfriend’s relatives while he was serving in the Caribbean.

6. She’s had the thrill of seeing her significant other in uniform

Photo: Wikimedia, Carfax2

Kate’s been on hand for parades and reviews throughout her relationship with Wills. We all know that thrill of seeing our handsome or  beautiful partner all gussied up in parade formation, or receiving an award, or just walking out the door on their way to work. We know the butterflies that come with walking proudly next to the one you love who is doing something so much bigger than themselves.

7. She’s married her Prince Charming

Photo: Wikimedia, John Pannell

And no matter how annoying they get or how many times we have to hurry up and wait, no matter how much we want to scream, “Just put the socks in the hamper, not beside it!” we’ve married our Prince or Princess Charming, too.

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