These are the 9 Milspouses You’ve Met at Least Once in Your Life

The more things change. . . the more things stay the same. It doesn’t matter what base you’re at, what country you’re in, or which branch you’re affiliated with, chances are you’ve met these kinds of military spouses, and your life has been made better for it:

1. The Up For Anything Spouse

Just say the word and they’re ready to take on the next adventure, even if that next adventure is shopping at the commissary with a cartload of kids on pay day.

2. The Truth-Teller


They say it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. (And usually, you need to hear it.)

3. The Party Lady or Man

At a party? They’ve got a flask. At a mixer? They meet you with a glass. At the beach? The Social Drinker has sangria in a false-bottom cup for you.

4. The Documenter

This spouse knows that time is short at duty stations and wants to make sure they’ve got all of the memories photographed, cataloged, and shared. After all, will you all ever be together in this place with these people ever again? Chances are, no. And The Documenter knows that.

5. The Impatient One

It literally does not matter what you’re doing or where you are, The Impatient One does not have time for any of this. They don’t have time for waiting in the line to get on base. They don’t have time for the length of this FRG meeting. And they certainly don’t have time to wait on PCS orders.

6. The Lurker

The Lurker pretty much shows up to see things go down. They seem to know everything about what’s happening on base, too– and not in a gossipy kind of way. It’s a matter-of-fact, I-heard-this-from-a-reliable-source kind of way.

7. The Family Man or Woman

You’re here? You’re family. And The Family Man or Woman wants to make sure that you feel part of it all.

8. The Encourager

Need a boost of confidence? Have a chat with The Encourager. They think you’re awesome and tell you so. And that can be huge when you’ve lost your job, just finished PCSing, and are facing down a long, long deployment.

9. The Mastermind

No plans for the weekend? Let The Mastermind find out, and you’ll have 48 hours of activities and child care planned out before you can blink. The Mastermind is also usually the head of the FRG or another organization. . . and they make things happen.

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