About MilSpouseFest

Mission: MilSpouseFest is proud to offer online resources, modern military spouse content, in person interactive events across the country, and a witty take on life through a newsletter delivered in the comfort of your own home, no matter where the military has sent you.

MilSpouseFest, founded by Jennifer Pilcher as MilitaryOneClick, was developed when there was a great need for online resources, all in one spot. It has evolved into a content site with a thriving live event series. The need for in person events has seen extraordinary growth at a time when military spouses need resources at their fingertips and face to face connections in a digital world.

MilSpouseFest is shaped, on a daily basis, by an all military spouse team located around the globe. Collectively, this team has over 75 years of military spouse service, made it through 23 deployments, had 10 kids, lived in 9 counties and survived 46 moves with a handful of pets.

We are all the same as you, everyday military spouses getting through another PCS, another deployment, setting up another house, and building new friendships along the way. Through free face to face events and digital content, we’re creating connections and building a global community that feels like a neighborhood.

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