Amazon Unlocks Prime Video for Military Members Serving Overseas

It’s no secret that we’re customer obsessed at Amazon. It’s an obsession that drives everything we do, every day. And it’s with that obsession why we’ve been working hard to make sure that military personnel and their families can access on-demand movies and TV shows they love from Amazon Prime Video while serving overseas—even if stationed in countries where the streaming video service currently isn’t available.
Amazon unlocks Prime and streams some Amazon shows on AFN for overseas military!

Starting in 2014 and throughout 2015 the Prime Video engineering team unblocked Prime Video on 24 United States international military bases including those in Afghanistan, Turkey, Japan and Kuwait. That means military members and their families who reside within U.S. military bases abroad, and who are Prime members have unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes available in the U.S. Prime Video catalog. Military members and their families can just go to the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online at to start instantly watching. As part of this ongoing effort, Amazon will continue unblocking the U.S. Prime Video catalog on additional bases.

We didn’t stop there. Amazon teamed-up with the American Forces Network (AFN) to provide military personnel and their families access to award-winning and critically-acclaimed Amazon Original Series Transparent, Bosch, Alpha House and The Man in the High Castle while living overseas. AFN is a worldwide radio and television broadcast network that airs programming to service members and their families at American bases as well as those serving on 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea. Amazon Original Series will air weekly, starting on Monday January 11, 2016.

Amazon unlocks Prime and streams some Amazon shows on AFN for overseas military!

On behalf of everyone at Amazon, we are incredibly thankful to the thousands of men and women serving our country and we are excited to bring Amazon Original Series as well as the U.S. catalog of Prime movies and TV shows available to personnel and their families overseas. We hope that offering access to Amazon’s entertainment selection provides a small taste of home while stationed abroad.

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  1. Jason Ruppert says:

    How does this work for those that don’t live on base?

    1. Hey Jason,

      I don’t think it is available for those living off base. “That means military members and their families who reside within U.S. military bases abroad, and who are Prime members have unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes available in the U.S. Prime Video catalog.”

      We can only hope they will extend this offer to all of us whether we live on base or not :).

      Have a great day,

    2. I am an Air Force captain being PCSed to Osan AB, ROK in August, and I have already been told I will NOT be living on base. This isn’t my fault; there are simply no dormitories available for unaccompanied captains. So I’m losing Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus….everything. It’s ridiculous.

    3. Ridiculous it is but not Amazon’s fault. Want to keep your Prime? Stay in America. lol

  2. Now if only you had Amazon Prime for Military at a discounted membership rate you would be Military PERFECT!!!!

    1. Hey Rosie,

      I have been saying that for the past three years or so. Totally agree!


    2. Why? We aren’t entitled to any discount because we are in the military.

    3. I agree. Military discounts are great when they are offered but when people start expecting them, that’s a problem.

  3. I wish they would hurry up and unblock all of the bases in Europe. We are still blocked in Germany.

    1. Hey Rebekah,
      I remember visiting my girlfriend in Germany a few years back. I couldn’t believe the lack of TV on base. Bummer!

    2. you could just use a program like tunnelbear

  4. We love off base in Japan and it works just fine for us.

    1. Are you using a VPN or DNS service like Unblock US? Prime totally stopped working for me a couple weeks ago… I work on a military base in Japan.

  5. Wish there was a way we could show our orders to them through a fax or something so those of us off base could enjoy it too. 🙁

    1. YES! This is ridiculous. I completely agree. I’ll likely drop Prime when I PCS – I have no choice but to live off base, and I’ll lose Prime Video as a result.

  6. I don’t have a prime account and I am currently at Kunsan AB, Korea. What do I need to do to get started?


    1. Hey JT,

      First, make sure this benefit is available on your base. If so, you need to join Amazon Prime and then you can get started.

      I hope this helps,

    2. I’m up in Casey, and it didn’t work the last time I checked. Maybe back to paying for Netflix.

    3. If you don’t use a VPN Netflix won’t work either, so I’ve been told.

  7. Why not just unblock it for anyone with an FPO billing address? Should be easy peasy.

    1. Hey Joe,

      Sounds good to me. Maybe we should run that division :).

      Have a great day,

  8. Seriously unblock for everyone with APO address PLEASE

  9. I am with the US Military in Germany and a happy Amazon Prime member. If I use a VPN, I can watch Amazon Prime content no problem. If I connect without VPN, it keeps re-routing me to AMAZON.DE in German and my content (even the movies I purchased) are not there. How do I fix this without VPN?

    1. Hey Tom,

      I am sorry you are having problems. I am even more sorry to tell you that I have no idea. We were just sharing the info. I guess you will have to call Amazon, which I can imagine may not be easy.

      Good luck,

  10. […] Amazon unlocks Prime Video on overseas bases […]

  11. Rebekah Spoor says:

    It is now late April of 2016 and Amazon still has nt unlocked any bases in Europe. I have actually cancelled my Prime subscription due to this. They do not seem to care about the Military stationed overseas, just the service members deployed overseas, that is why the bases unlocked seem to be primarily the bases downrange.

    1. Hello Rebekah,
      I will forward your concerns on to my connections at Amazon.
      Thank you for your input,

    2. Please do. Also ask if we have an FPO/APO billing address and/or can send them a copy of our orders (asking for a copy of our DOD ID is actually a violation of US Code, so they’re not getting that from me) could they please unlock it. I am going to Osan in August on an unaccompanied remote for one year and I’ve already been told I cannot live on base.

    3. Hello Kat,

      Such a bummer. I have reached out to Amazon and they do not want to respond directly to the comments on our site.

      I am sorry,

  12. markhascole says:

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