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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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Throw Back

On this day in 1955, Disneyland opened its doors in Anaheim, California. Hope your day is full of magic!


Need to Know

The Coast Guard is making headlines after seizing over 17,000 pounds of cocaine in California. For the first time ever, the Air Force awarded five airmen with remote “R” devices. Surveys show that military binge drinking is down (except with the Marines). Hundreds of Army recruits who showed up at Fort Benning during a backlog are enduring “soul crushing boredom.” And, we don’t want you to miss this sweet story about a Navy ensign who commissioned her 63 year old father as a Navy officer.

Amazon Prime Day broke the internet yesterday, but at least they used adorable puppies to announce the site was down. Also breaking the internet is the discussion about yesterday’s joint press conference between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump following a summit in Helsinki. You can read the transcript of the press conference here.

After over a month of soccer, the World Cup ended on Sunday with France taking the crown from Croatia, 4-2. In tennis news, Serena Williams lost in the Wimbledon final to Germany’s Angelique Kerber, but gave a post-loss interview that brought even Meghan Markle to tears. Only a year after giving birth, Serena told the crowd, “I was really happy to get this far. To all the moms out there: I was playing for you today.” BRB, someone is cutting onions in here!


Reading While We Sip

Parenting is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Luckily for all of us, we have the internet which contains this helpful post over on Military Spouse about how to recognize the signs your child isn’t thriving.

Also helpful? The tech you need when you’re gearing up for an epic trip. Don’t miss this piece over on Poppin’ Smoke about all the apps and technology you need for traveling.

And if just thinking about traveling makes your heart rate climb, hop on over to How to MilSpouse and read “Namaste the Stress Away.” 


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