To My Active Duty Wife on Mother’s Day

To My Active Duty Wife on Mother's Day

To my Active Duty wife, and mother of our children, I send messages of Love, Admiration, and Gratitude on this Mother’s Day– Whenever people are asked when they knew that their spouse was the one, many respond in broad terms, saying that their love and romance blossomed over time. Oh, there may have been hints […]

12 Memes About Military Kids

Memes About Military Kids

This post originally appeared on Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life. April is the month of the military child. These boys and girls live a different type of life but they are resilient and can benefit from military life too. Here are 12 means about parenting and military children. It’s hard to plan when you don’t know where […]

The Sip: How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Sip by MilSpouseFest   Spring is here…and you may be trying to focus on the good things in life, such as the pretty flowers in your garden, and the warmer weather. And if you are like me…these little things are bringing joy to your life, even in small ways. Although things are a bit crazy in the world right now, and this […]

Lessons You Learn When You Are a Solo Parent

This article originally appeared on Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life. Solo parenting can be so challenging. But, you can learn from it. Here are some lessons you can learn while solo parenting, that you can take with you into the future. My son was not even a year old and my husband and I started talking about […]