Back-2-School: Military Kids Across the Globe are Back to Class

It’s no doubt that school has looked different the past few years, and while the world’s educational systems seem as though they’ve gone somewhat back to normal, we’re still working on ways to create a safe environment for kids that doesn’t affect their learning schedule.

Yes, it’s that time of year where military kids of all branches, in all countries, are headed back to school. Whether they’ve already begun or will do so in weeks to come. What further complicates the situation is that, after the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools are still being held virtually. However, masked or unmasked, by computer or in person, it’s time to celebrate this very special time of year!

Why We Love Back-to-School

As military families, starting the school year often comes with mixed emotions. Many times it means starting in a new school, in a new town. Some odd years it means coming back as a repeat student and welcoming the newbies. It might mean taking on a newon new culture, even new languages, after an OCONUS PCS. 

No matter what your current military family’s situation, it’s an exciting time of year! One where new skills will be learned, friends will be made, and ful will be had. For the kids anyway; for parents, it’s the start of a new schedule and perhaps some much-needed free time. 

In any case, it’s a time of year that provides great memories. You will have the opportunity to look back on pictures for decades to come. Be sure to line them up, no matter how much they disapprove of the idea, and take several snapshots. This is true of every age, even adults going back to class! 

How to Make Back-to-School a Success

There are plenty of ways you can better transition to this time of year. Take a look at these great resources and see how your family can put them to good use. 

Many military families with school aged children have PCS’d this summer. We know how difficult these transitions can be and we want to make sure that everyone knows about the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission. The parent training toolkit has everything you need if you’ve never heard of this before or if you’re a PCS pro.

No article about military children’s education issues would be complete without mentioning the Military Child Education Coalition. They have a series of podcasts, webinars, parent support workshops and many other resources. 

If you have military students who are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, you should visit Partners In Promise. Partners in PROMISE was founded in January 2020 by four mothers to Protect the Rights Of Military Children In Special Education (PROMISE).

Have shopping to do? From new clothes, to school supplies, to computers, take a look at this comprehensive list of back-to-school discounts for military families

Next, look at United Through Reading’s free resources. Their app offers plenty of reading material, as well as the ability to have a deployed service member read to kids a home. 

Free tutoring options are also available for military families through — take a look at what they have to offer. Military family students of all ages can find tutors of any given subject. 

Blue Star Families also has a program called Blue Star Books where they host events and provide books to military families. Take a look to see if they will be headed to your base.

Help make the start of the school year easier for your military family this year by using smart resources, and making the best of your current schooling situation. Whether at a new school or attempting to learn from home, there’s plenty of ways to plan for a good year ahead. 

For more resources and back-to-school tips, check out our previous blogs. 

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