8 Back to School Tips During the Time of COVID

It’s back to school season! Yay! Normally, this time of year is full of a mix of emotions for me. Excitement as my boys head into the next grade, nervousness of not knowing how the school year will got for them, and relief as we have made it through another summer.

But this year, in 2020, my stress about the school year is even higher. I am not sure what to expect and have a feeling that even though some of my kids are going in person, there won’t be a lot of normal when it comes to this new school year.

How will we make it through this year? What might help? Well, here are 8 back to school hacks during the time of COVID that may help you during your child’s school year too.

1) Make a school information folder

It seems like we are getting new updates about school each and every day in these weeks leading up to the first day of school. It’s a lot of information to keep track of. Stay organized with everything and start a folder just for this type of information. Then you can refer to it easily, whenever you need to.

2) Be kind to schools and teachers

Keep in mind that no one has really been through this before. Getting upset at your child’s school every time something changes is just going to add to your stress. And things are going to change. The teachers are doing the best they can, working hard to make this school year a good one.

3) Find the right place for schooling

If your child will start the year off at home or might come home at some point. Figure out the right place for them to do their school work. This might require buying a new desk or redecorating an area of your home. Find out what works for your family.

4) Back up plans if your child is going in person

Our district has told us a plan for sending kids home if the COVID numbers hit a certain level. They are urging all parents to have a backup plan in case this happens. Figure out how remote schooling will work for you even if it isn’t your first choice. It might end up being what happens even if they start off school in-person.

5) Figure out the masks

If your kids are going to school in person they will need to wear a mask every day. Figure out what they will wear and talk to them about the importance of doing so. Smaller children might need to practice beforehand. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to figure all of this out.

6) Don’t forget about the first day of school photos

Even if your kids are going to be virtually schooling this year, don’t forget about the first day of school photos. They can be a great memory for this very interesting school year.

7) After school routine

Figure out a good after school routine. Where should your kids put their masks? Do you want them to shower right away? Create something that works for you and your family and go over what is expected. This will be much easier to do if you plan it out ahead of time.

8) Give yourself a break

Again, remember none of us have gone through this before. Every family is going to be making the best choice for their child. And things are going to be all over the place. Perfection shouldn’t be your goal. Work with your kids, their teachers, and the school to figure out the best way to get through the school year.

Good luck to everyone as the new school year begins. Remember, so many of us with kids will be going through this together, whether your kids will be virtually schooling, going in-person, or a mix of the two.