Binge-watch these 6 war movies on Netflix in January

By J.G. Noll

Every month, the Netflix gods bestow new movies available for streaming. And every month, at least a few of them are military-themed. Binge these seven this month before they disappear:

1. Winter in Wartime

(Photo: Sony Pictures)

Looking for a different take on World War II movies? You’ll want to try this foreign film. Winter in Wartime follows a Dutch boy in 1944 as he attempts to live in Nazi-occupied Holland.

2. Dirty Wars

(Photo: IFC)

For those who enjoy gritty documentaries, Netflix has you covered. This Oscar-nominated movie offers an examination of covert missions by US troops around the world.

3. The Eagle

(Photo: Focus Features)

It’s no Magic Mike, but Channing Tatum stars as a Roman centurion on a mission to find his vanished father.


4. Wolf Warrior

(Photo: Chunqiu Time Co.)

The plot of this Chinese foreign language movie includes elite special forces marksman, mercenaries, drug lords, and lots of explosions. Enjoy!

5. Tomorrow, When the War Began

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Australian teens come home from vacation. Australian teens realize their country has been invaded by “The Coalition Nations”. Australian teens fight back.

6. Love and Honor

(Photo: Red 56, Deep Blue Pictures)

Feeling like a Nicholas-Sparks-esque movie night? Love and Honor follows the drama between an AWOL soldier home from Vietnam and the girl who just sent him a “Dear John” letter.