Brave Women, Strong Faith

Brave Women Strong Faith

What happens when a group of military spouses are given the opportunity to attend the Speak Up Conference and can learn the insights of the publishing industry and build relationships with decision-makers?

You open doors to new possibilities and start to dream.

Megan Brown attended her first Speak Up Conference in 2017. Her eyes were opened up to the Christian writing and speaking world. She began to learn the ins and outs, while also building her network and sharing her story. Though the passion of her dreams she shared her ideas and found supporters to help make this dream a reality.

Megan signed a two-book contract with Moody Publishers out of Chicago with her first book coming out in April of 2021. But she was not done. She was just getting started and she wanted to bring others in on her journey. She wanted to help the military spouses she had met along the way.

She wanted the military spouses she met, who had a desire to become an author, to be able to make that dream a reality. She knew that military spouses sometimes have limited resources and publishing a book would be a challenge. And she wanted to do something to help change that.

The leaders of Speak Up Conference were so blown away by the stories and experience they heard that they wanted to make a collaborative book from military spouses for the world to hear. In partnership with Carol Kent, Megan was able to create the idea of a book that shared the stories of military spouses. It would focus on the challenges, struggles, joy, and pain.

Megan and Carol wanted to give military spouses a platform to share their stories, while also continuing to support military spouses through scholarships to attend the Speak Up Conference each year.

This would give military spouses not only the tools needed to launch a successful writing and speaking career but also to give them networking opportunities to build connections through the community. Because you can not do it alone. We all need support. We all need each other.

 This book collaboration idea is in the final stages and will be released this August. Brave Women, Strong Faith: Inspiring Stories by Military Women and Wives, is a collaboration of twenty military spouses sharing the real-life challenges of being a military spouse. They cover topics ranging from marriage, motherhood, moving, community, grief, mental health, advocacy, and the stories of veterans who also take up the role of military spouses.

Brave Women, Strong Faith: Inspiring Stories by Military Women and Wives, was born out of the passion and creativity of Megan Brown. But is written by the military women she has met along the journey. Women who inspired her to keep sharing her story and now, in return, she is able to give back to help share their stories in this book. The often-untold truth of being a military spouse.

Yes, there is joy and adventure, but there is also hurt, struggle, and pain. The women who wrote these stories shared their souls of the hidden world of military spouses.

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