Vision insurance for military families

Frustrated by the lack of vision coverage, and sometimes limiting and expensive dental coverage?  You’re in luck! The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (way back in December 2016) contained an often-overlooked provision that paves the way for active duty and retired military families to purchase the vision and dental coverage that is offered through the […]

Be careful on MyPay; Don’t accidentally opt-in to BRS

If you’re noodling around MyPay, please be careful. The military’s new Blended Retirement System (BRS) opt-in phase started last week, and it has been heard that people are “accidentally” opting-in to BRS. It’s an irrevocable choice, so it’s sort of a big deal. And today, a military spouse contacted me and asked me to write about […]

Social Security online puts you in control

Taking control of your future is the first step in planning a long and happy retirement. Social Security is making it faster and easier to do this with my Social Security. With your own personal my Social Security account, you’ll get immediate access to your personal Social Security Statement that has your earnings record and […]

3 reasons not to file your tax returns yet

It’s so hard to wait to file your income tax return, especially if you know you’re getting a hefty refund. And you’ve got your December Leave and Earnings Statement (LES,) so why should you wait? There are three good reasons you should wait for your proper W-2 to be released before you file your income […]