Being a Childfree Military Spouse

Are you a childfree military spouse? The military spouse faces many challenges that are unique to their lifestyle. However, what many don’t realize is that those of us who are childfree face challenges are that are unique to us, just like those of you with children do. Many people don’t realize the reality of being […]

Ice-T Served in The US Army

Ice-T Served in The US Army

People join the military for many different reasons. Some have a burning desire to serve their country, while others view the service as a financially responsible move and/or a way to keep them out of trouble. For Ice-T, his decision to join the Army was both for financial reasons, as well as to keep him […]

Turning Your PCS Into a Vacation

Should You Make Your PCS Road Trip into A Vacation? PCSing can be an adventure, but it is also quite an undertaking. Last summer my husband and I decided to make our family (2 boys (2 and 5) plus our cat) PCS road trip from California to Virginia more exciting by adding a few extra […]