A MilSpouse look into Cryptocurrency

One of the most popular topics currently in business news is cryptocurrency. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have become mainstream, with Bitcoin value skyrocketing by 500% over the past several months and it has no intention of going away.  To a new investor or a seasoned business guru, cryptocurrency can […]

When You Are Working from Home With Older Kids

Working from Home With Older Kids

Hi! I’m a mom of a tween and two teenagers. And I work from home.  That’s my introduction to myself every morning as I glance in the mirror as I attempt to get my life together to start the day. Yes! The struggle is real some mornings. Working from home with older kids requires balance […]

How to Support Small Businesses During This Time

How to Support Small Businesses During This Time

You may be wondering how to support small businesses during this time of COVID-19. You may have your favorite local restaurant, hairstylist, barbershop, nail salon, etc. that you want to support. Or you may want to continue supporting your child’s daycare provider or private instructor. A few things you can do to support small businesses […]

It’s Military Saves Month

It's Military Saves Month

What was originally designated at Military Saves Week, has now transitioned into Military Saves Month. This is a time set aside to encourage military families to save, and also to teach them how to do so. This year the Military Saves campaign has designated themes for each week in April.  Week 1: Save Automatically Week […]