You Should Know These 13 Things About Geo-Baching

By Lizann Lightfoot Military spouses spend lots of time separated from each other because of deployments, training, and schools. Why would a military spouse ever volunteer to stay behind and remain separated from their service member when the military member moves to a new duty station? It turns out, there are many reasons this can […]

How to Take in Your Base’s History

How to Take in Your Base's History

Living on or near a military base is a cool experience. No, seriously! It’s not something that everyone gets to do. And as military spouses, it’s also something we can easily take for granted. Statues, historic markers — they’re there, they’re always there, and they’re always something different, blah blah. Some of the richest, most […]

Make these Halloween Costumes From Left Over Moving Boxes

Make these Halloween Costumes From Left Over Moving Boxes

By Team MSF Ah, Halloween… the season of frights and giggles, princesses and pirates, candy and costumes. The trees change (or they don’t, depending on where you’re stationed), you snuggle up to watch the Peanuts Gang look for the Great Pumpkin, and you grapple with a perennial problem: what the kids are going to wear […]