What not to miss in the final walk-through of your new home

It’s an exciting moment, walking into your brand-new home after it’s finally completed. But don’t let the excitement distract you from the importance of this final walk-through with the builder a few days before closing on a home. This is your chance to inspect the home, learn about the mechanics and systems, and note any […]

PCSing to South Korea? Here’s what you need to know

Receiving the news that you and your family are moving to South Korea may not be expected. If you’re like me, you may have cried at the news or even cursed the heavens for this “roadblock” in your projected life path. As someone who has lived in South Korea as a non-command sponsored spouse, I […]

Here are the top 10 things to purge before a PCS

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop. Before our first PCS move, I did everything wrong. I had recently discovered the local yard sale/resale page, and as a thrifty cheapskate, I was completely hooked. There were so many great deals on everything we needed as newlyweds moving into an empty house. But I was […]

5 ways to help your military child deal with a move

The childhood experience of boys and girls from military families is undeniably unique. The children of our military will experience the melting pot that is American culture as they travel around the country, make friends they otherwise would never have met, taste foods from different parts of the country and the globe and have a […]