10 Cheap Date Nights, For You and Your Sweetheart

10 Cheap Date Nights, For You and Your Sweetheart

When you think about date night ideas, do you think about getting all dressed up and hitting the town? Most of us do. And I think getting dressed up to hit the town in the evening is fun and should happen from time to time, but every couple needs alternatives. 

Are you stuck? Stuck in finding ideas for a cheap and fun date?

Are you thinking, “I want to have a date with my spouse, but I don’t want to break the bank in doing so.” Trust me. You are not alone in this thought. There are a lot of great cheap date ideas. Here are ten simple ideas for you to try. 

  1. Breakfast Date – Head out for an early date. Breakfast tends to cost a little less than dinner. Go to a local diner and order the recommended dish from your waiter. There’s always a little something about local restaurants.
  2. A Stroll Through Your Town/City – As a military family, we are always moving. Take one day a month to explore your new area. Do a little window shopping, see the sights, or visit a museum. 
  3. Bowling – If your base has a bowling alley, you can get a couple of games in for half the price from out in town. If your military base doesn’t have a bowling alley opt for a Saturday afternoon bowl, the prices are sometimes cheaper. You might also want to check out their bowling hour specials – fun bowl, blacklight bowling hours, etc. 
  4. Take A Class – A paint and sip class can be fun. You can check Groupon for any deals in your area. Visit your base MWR site for any classes too. You will be surprised by all the great, fun, and inexpensive options offered. Another fun class idea is a home improvement or craft store. 
  5. Picnic – Picnics can be indoors and outdoors. So, don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying one. You can keep a picnic date simple or make it as elaborate as you want. Grab a blanket, make sandwiches, or put together a cheese and fruit spread. Add your beverage of choice and enjoy! 
  6. Appetizer Date – Visit your favorite restaurant during happy hour. Only order the appetizer menu specials. This is a great way to sample the menu without ordering a full meal that you don’t like.
  7. Hiking – Get outdoors, enjoy nature. Hiking doesn’t have to be climbing big mountains or going off the rugged path. You can take the paved path in your local, State, or National Park. Pack a water bottle or two, a few snacks and enjoy one another’s company in nature. 
  8. Backyard Date – Enjoy your backyard. Sit together, chat, enjoy a popsicle, a beverage, or a snack. Reminisce about how you first met. Talk about your day. Share your goals. 
  9. Sitcom Binge-Watch – You already pay for cable or a subscription service. Grab some popcorn and binge watch a sitcom together. 
  10. Game Night – Video games, board games, card games, etc. It’s ok if you’re not a gamer, you’re not entering a gaming tournament — just a little fun with your spouse to connect and have fun. If you have a gaming system in your home, plan a Friday night with snacks and play a few video games together. If you’re not into the gaming systems, head to the store and buy a fun board game, a deck of cards, or any other card game made for two or more players. 

A date with your spouse doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s about connecting, keeping the fire burning, and having fun with one another. 

What cheap date ideas can you share with us?