Cleaning out for a PCS? Trade in kids’ stuff for a few bonus perks here

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As many military families begin hunkering down (and cleaning out) for this year’s PCS, Babies”R”Us and Toys”R”Us might have a solution for some of those children’s items that are tough to take a long (and leave behind).  The two companies’ Greater Trade-In event will start on February 11 for loyalty members and February 16 for all shoppers.

Here’s how the Greater Trade-In works:


Do you have children or baby furniture that is used and outgrown? Babies”R”Us and Toys”R”Us will offer a 25 percent discount on one new gear or furniture item in exchange for your old castoffs. Even if it’s dangerous or defective, you can still turn in the gear– so it’s a great way to get rid of potentially harmful equipment you have in your garage.


Prior Greater Trade-In events did not include clothing turn-ins; however, this year, the stores are taking old, outgrown, and gently used clothing. You’ll receive a 25 percent discount on an entire clothing purchase.

Extra discounts

If you have a Toys”R”Us or Babies”R”Us credit card, you’ll receive an extra five percent off, making your trade-in coupon worth 30 percent. And if you’re not trading in anything at all but still need–or want–to shop, you can get a 15 percent discount off of one gear or furniture item at If you’re shopping at a brick-and-mortar, be sure to grab your 15 percent discount off any baby item.

If you’re moving within the next month, you can hang onto your discount coupons; they’re valid through March 18. (Babies”R”Us stores that are closing will still offer the 25 percent coupon; you’ll just have to use it at another Babies”R”Us or Toys”R”Us store. Coupons can be used online, as well.) If not, you’ll want to be strategic on how and what you buy before a PCS–especially if it’s large furniture that may not fit in a home you haven’t seen yet.



By J.G. Noll

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