Cool Things People Are Doing While They Are Stuck in Their Houses

Cool Things People Are Doing While They Are Stuck in Their Houses

The world is on a bit of a lockdown right now. We are supposed to stay at home as much as possible. And this applies to pretty much anyone unless they have an essential job. And even then, during their time off, they should be at home too.

As I scroll through my social media, I have been watching what cool things other people have been doing while stuck in their houses. From celebrities to people in my own community. It’s heartwarming to see.

We as a society have taken this challenging time and tried to make something better out of it. We are trying to cheer people up and help others, all from the inside of our home.

Here are a few cool things people have been doing…while stuck in their houses:

Making Masks

Since hospitals and health care facilities are short on PPE (personal protective equipment), people are stepping up to help make face masks for medical personnel. JOANN, the craft store, is even giving out free kits to those who want to help. Such a great way to give back during this time, even when you are stuck at home.

Porch Photos

Photographers are offering to drive through neighborhoods and, from a distance using a zoom lens, take photos of families in front of their homes. This is a great way to make some memories during this time but to do it safely.

Entertainers On Video

Entertainers have been streaming online too, mostly from their own homes. You can catch concerts from Willie Nelson, John Legend, the Indigo Girls, and more. You can also catch celebrities reading books to kids, or sharing different talents for their fans. It’s also a reminder that no matter who you are, we are all in this together.

Offering Advice and Tutorials

People are offering advice and tutorials to others online. They are taking this time to share what they know to help others. You can find people sharing math tips, how to teach your kids at home, or how to do a craft or even your makeup. Sure, this was happening already but even more so now that we are all stuck in our homes.

Chalk Walk

Chalk walks are also becoming popular as people need to get out on daily walks. People can leave messages on driveways, or on sidewalks for their neighbors to see. This could also be a fun way for children to communicate with other people during this time.

Teddy Bears in Windows

This started from the song, “We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one.” The idea is to put Teddy Bears in your window so that families and children can spot them on their walks. This is a good away to bring the community together without actually being together and can make for a fun scavenger hunt.

Rainbows in Windows

Just like the teddy bears, people are creating rainbows to put in their windows and yards. The hope is to share love and hope with others walking by their homes. I love the idea of creating a more loving atmosphere during this time.

What kind of cool things have you seen people do in your own community?