Do You Need to Take Control of Your Time?

Do you need to take control of your time?

Do you need to take control of your time?

If you’re nodding yes, you’re NOT alone!

Taking control of your time may require you to say, “NO!” It may also require you to prioritize.

I will share something I’ve been doing to help me take control of my time.

I STOPPED overloading my day. I task myself with no more than six things each day and write down my top three. These three things are non-negotiable. They MUST get done that day.

In prioritizing, I had to put myself first more. That doesn’t mean I don’t help others or that I stay in my house all day. It means that I ensure my well-being and needs are taken care of.

Saying no, doesn’t mean NEVER. For me it means, it needs to be on my schedule, and that schedule is scheduled in advance.

So, don’t overload your day. And schedule things to take control of your time.

How do you take control of your time?

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