Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the MSF events?
We use the event app, Whova. You can use it on your computer and mobile device by downloading the Whova app, available on the Apple Store or Google Play store. Each event has its own unique link so check back for the correct links!

Are children allowed at in-person events?
Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate children other than babies in arms.

What should I wear?
Wear whatever feels comfortable! Our team will be dressed casually.

Can I come and go during the event?
Absolutely. If you have to arrive late or depart early, that is no problem.

How much does it cost?
MilSpouseFest is FREE.

What type of food will be served?
A light continental breakfast will be served in the morning events. Appetizers will be served at evening events. We will also offer lunch to our morning attendees. We try to offer selections for those with allergies or restricted diets, but if you have a very restricted diet, you may want to pack a snack.

Are the in-person events held on base?

Almost all of our events are held off base.

Is this for wives only?
Military spouses, significant others, past, present and future. We are inclusive!

I registered and now I can’t come, how do I cancel my reservation?
Please cancel your reservation from a computer or mobile device.

I registered and now I can’t come, can a friend use my spot?
Sure. Just have your friend let us know when he or she checks in.

Is MilSpouseFest for all branches of service? How about National Guard and Reservist spouses? Veteran spouses?
Come one, come all!

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