Everything Still Closed? Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Fall

Everything Still Closed? Here's How to Keep Your Kids Busy This Fall

Here we are, our third season into COVID, and yes, you guessed it: everything is still closed. Depending on where you live, EVERYTHING might not be closed, but compared to our normal, go-where-we-want-to-when-we-want-to lives, it sure feels that way.

Streaming movies at home just aren’t the same. Sigh. Kids are impossible to keep in masks, so there goes trying to venture places “safely.” And some of our favorite hot-spots are still months away from opening again. Not to even mention travel — for military families, it’s almost a distant memory of what it’s like to take leave and actually step foot somewhere new. 

But just because most things — or many things — are still closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun this fall. Take a look at some of these outdoor, or distanced activities, and keep everyone busily entertained.

Bonfires for Days

Outside and fully fall, nothing says “Autumn is here” quite like a bonfire. Make a full evening of it with s’mores, cooking hot dogs, and perhaps even some singing while you dodge from the smoke. This is a proven family favorite and can be easily utilized in your backyard, or in public settings. 

Be sure and check any fire warnings in your area before lighting up, just to be safe. 

Homemade Halloween Costumes

This year, candy companies are putting up ideas for safe and distanced trick-or-treating, but what better way to enjoy than with a homemade costume? Most years we opt for something “easier” AKA less time consuming, but when looking for something to do, homemade costumes are the art project we’ve all been waiting for. 

Get some ideas off Pinterest and utilize curbside pickup (or home delivery) for all of your necessary supplies. 

Get on the Marketplace

One perk to the pandemic spanning months on end: everyone has tried — and gotten over — new hobbies. That means that the marketplace is full of new gear, all at a deal. Search for outdoor equipment, new cooking gear, games and/or sporting goods, and more. You’ve never been able to try a new activity for so cheap! Even if you turn out not liking whatever it is, you can easily resell without losing funds. 

Pumpkin Everything

A few pumpkins are sure to keep your crew occupied for several days. From carving, to painting, to cooking, to science experiments, you can take full advantage of pumpkin season. For added measure, you can throw in gourds and squashes too. Anyone homeschooling can pull several solid lessons from your activities, too. Don’t overlook this yearly tradition; let pumpkins help save the day and keep everyone busy.

While you’re at it, there are leaves, acorns, hay bales, and more that can all be used. Create a fun yard scene, keep crafting away, get artsy with the garden by laying down hay, and more. Just a few pieces of fall fare can keep your crew doing all things fall. 

Kids in the Kitchen

A change of season can call for an entirely new slew of recipes to hit your kitchen table. Let the kids get in on the fun and start helping you create the family’s colder weather meals. Utilize the Crock-Pot or Instapot, let them measure, try out new recipes, and more. Sure, it takes longer (and becomes MUCH) messier with kids involved, but it’s a great way to bond and keeps everyone occupied for at least a few minutes. Besides, all who help make messes help clean them up. 

Local Events

There are many local companies who are offering their fall services to the masses, all you have to do is find them online. Look for orchards allowing apples to be picked, pecan festivals (from a distance), or even drive-by parades. Local towns are providing as much fun as safely possible for the kids, simply find what’s taking place (and when) and how you can safely attend with the entire crew.

It might be a busy season of working around your normal routine, but that doesn’t mean boredom! Look to these fall-centered favorites for a safe way to keep the kids entertained.