Finding People You Trust to Watch Your Kids

Finding People You Trust to Watch Your Kids

How do you find people you trust to help with your kids?

During our first PCS, I was pregnant with our oldest son. We moved to a town where we didn’t know a soul, and the closest family member was a good five hours away. So when he was born, I didn’t know anyone well enough to watch them, let enough trust them with my baby.

Because I work from home I was able to keep him with me until he was four months old. At that point, I enrolled him in daycare two days a week. After all, it was daycare, they have standards. The teachers are trained and they should be on their best behavior at all times, right?

Yet I still worked as fast as I could, anxious the entire day, then picked him up, wondering if he’d gotten enough attention and care. Despite my hesitations, he seemed happy and his teacher knew all of his cues, and after a while, it felt comfortable.

Daycare was a good experience because it taught me to ask questions and pay attention to my gut. When a teacher came to work sick, I ignored it because I thought I didn’t have a choice. Two days later, my son had the same cold. After multiple instances like this one, I ended up pulling him from their care. Seven months pregnant, husband out of state, and without an ounce of a plan, I was fed up and kept my child home.

Now, I realize I should have done more research. I shouldn’t have chosen the closest place to our house. I should have asked ALL the questions.
When looking for childcare:

● Ask around. Ask others for reviews. Poll the masses on Facebook. Read Google comments, look anywhere you can for new insight.
● Trust your gut. If you feel like something isn’t right, it’s not worth putting your kids in danger.
● Do a background check. Whether using an in-home daycare or a facility, get the teacher’s name and pay the $5 for a detailed report. It will make you feel better.
● Get the teacher’s contact information, too. Ask for pictures or updates when possible, and encourage them to get back to you with questions.
● Ask your kids about their day. Depending on your kids’ age, pump them for details and make sure they are having a good experience.
● Show up at different times! If you can swing it with work, take a few hours off and pick up your child early. Don’t expect a big “got ya!” moment, but this is a chance to check your sitter’s body language when you show up unannounced.

It’s HARD to leave your kids with people you don’t know well or know at all. Give yourself peace of mind by vetting their care thoroughly.

How do you find childcare with each PCS?

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