Here’s what you really need to know before transitioning out of the military

On this week’s episode of the MOC Muster, Ward talks to Air Force vet and military transition expert Dwayne Paro about what service members really need to focus on and think about when making the move back to civilian life. This one is an absolute “must listen” for those contemplating taking the uniform off once and for all.

Listen now:

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(Homepage photo from Devin Mitchell’s “The Veteran Project.” All right reserved.)

One Reply to “Here’s what you really need to know before transitioning out of the military”

  1. Jack Wilson says:

    Interesting conversation, but a bit narrow in its scope. FYI, I’m a retired Navy Captain, former IBM exec, and for the past 25 years have been guiding clients through successful career transitions, from one job or one employer to another. I am currently doing that, pro bono, with senior military and FBI executives who are opting for early retirement and positioning themselves for a second career or a “Portfolio Life: The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion After 50.”
    In the course of my consulting practice, I have developed some innovative methodologies, one of which is the subject of a book written by a client. It is based on a model that can be used for assessing the “Match” and “Fit” of an opportunity with a client’s own ability, personality and character. Very effective and revealing.

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