How I Plan to Handle Virtual Schooling in the Fall

How I Plan to Handle Virtual Schooling in the Fall

Parents across the U.S. want to know the answer to how to handle this virtual schooling thing. Heck, some parents are still trying to figure out how to do this new math – carry the one and move on is my answer to that.

I wasn’t asked about my thoughts on math lessons, so I will keep my opinion to myself, but I was asked to share how I plan to handle virtual schooling this fall; here goes nothing. 

Our district offered two options. 100% online or a 2 day in-person option. My girls want the 2-day option. They want to see their friends. They want time out of the house. We discussed the importance of continuing to practice social distancing and wearing masks. Frankly put, “I don’t care who wants to hug you. You better stiff-arm them and tell them to stay back!” So, yes. As of now, we are allowing them to attend 2 days in person. BUT I also have a plan for virtual schooling because things could change before we get started or within weeks of starting the school year.

I plan to handle virtual schooling with lots of wine and whine.

My girls are going into the 7th, 9th, and 11th grades. We ended last school year with virtual school, but that was a little different. Nothing could hurt their grades, and most teachers gave lots of grace. 

There’s so much unknown. And most of us have NO clue what we’re doing. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a plan. Heck…I’m going to be winging it. This plan I think I have may be ripped to shreds. It’s all good, I will just go with the flow.

I think about the noise of this upcoming school year. 

Cue the wine.

EVERYONE in my house will be working from home. There will be daily work meetings, class time, study hours, etc. There’s going to be a lot of chatter going on up in here. 

Invest in good headphones for the kids – reduce the noise. No one wants to hear the 7th grade Science teacher during 9th grade Geometry or 11th grade English class.

During last year’s virtual schooling, I realized I have a “THAT” child. The kid who has a response to every question a teacher asks. “Girl. HUSH!”

Set Boundaries

Designate a school space.

During a typical school year, my kids did their homework in their room or at the kitchen table. Ok, one would spread out anywhere her little heart desired. With virtual schooling, I plan to discuss the importance of setting boundaries, encouraging them to use the basement, or another part of the house during school hours. Let their rooms be their relaxing spot. And maybe even have them change room locations according to the class. 

Practice their school routine in advance.

Cue the whine.

My kids are pulling some late hours right now. I make them get their butts up and dressed by 9 a.m. right now. Yes. They whine about it and I ignore them. But when school starts, they will have a 7:40 a.m. report time when virtual school starts. Two weeks before school starts, they will need to be up and ready to go as though it’s a school day.

Encourage the use of teacher office hours

Teachers will have office hours for kids to connect with them for help. Encouraging them to build those connections virtually with their teachers is important. I will encourage my kids to get on their teachers’ schedules to do a quick one to one introduction and sign on for any help they may need. 

I know and have accepted that 2 of my three kids are beyond my help. Like, I will have to attend class with them every day for a full refresher. That’s not happening. So, staying in my kids’ ears about reaching out to teachers and peers for any questions is something I will bring up often at the beginning of the year.

Schedule a chill day

Everyone needs ME TIME! 

No! I’m not saying skip class. But I am saying that I will put one day a week on my calendar to step out with the kids after class. 

Remember, we’re doing virtual schooling to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We’re still practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible. But just as working from home and the need for new scenery, virtual schooling will require the same.

My plan to handle virtual schooling this fall is to know we’re all figuring this out together and be ready to adjust accordingly. Don’t sweat it, listen to the kids if there is frustration, laugh with them when there’s a time to laugh. Be there to support and not afraid to tell them that I don’t know. 

And oh….keep my wine subscription on auto renew.

How do you plan to handle virtual schooling in the fall?