How Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

How Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

2020 is in full swing. Did you make any New Year resolutions? How are they going? Most people lose their resolve by mid-February.

Research conducted by the University Of Scranton showed that only eight percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions will actually fulfill those goals in a timely fashion—if ever.

I have yet to be in that 8% of fulfilling my New Year resolutions. 

I decided to do a little research – research online and research of myself by taking a long hard look in the mirror. I had to ask myself the difficult question: “Girl! What is your problem? Why can’t you seem to stick with your resolutions?”

And yes, I answered myself:

  • My resolutions were never really mine – I “wanted” to change things that I felt others would appreciate.
  • Too many resolutions.
  • No action plan. 

The research answer: Anything from lack of clarity to setting expectations too high.

So, this year I’ve taken a different approach. I’ve made sure my resolutions are mine. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else. They are written down with an action plan.

For example, I want to work out more. Instead of just saying I want to work out more, I’ve written down the days of weeks. Broken that down to the time I will hit the gym. Broken that down to the time I will go to bed to ensure I’m up, and down to the time my day will start to ensure I get that workout in. 

Yes, it’s broken All. The. Way. Down. Why? Because just saying what I was going to change wasn’t cutting it for me. 

Are you in the 8%? How do you tackle your resolutions?

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