How Often Do You Go Home?

How often do you go “home”?

How often do you go “home”? Depending on how far away you live, it can be hard to travel — especially with military schedules, trying to get approval with leave and mileage distances. It can be a real headache just to visit the ones you love!

So how do you handle leave time? Do you wait for the stars to align? Or do you make an effort to travel to visit others on a regular basis?

My hometown is roughly an 18-hour drive, which we’ve made twice in three years. I’ve flown back for visits two more times with the kids while hubs has stayed back to work. Plus we have one more trip lined up in the next several months. Ultimately that leaves our average at about once every 8-10 months. My parents visit us twice a year. (They drove once and said never again!)

Meanwhile, my in-laws live much closer — about 5 hours away. However, with young kids and my husband’s hectic schedule, we don’t make it there much more frequently. (Does anyone travel regularly with their kids? It’s hard! We still do it, but it’s hard!) They are able to visit us as their schedule allows.

We’ve had a string of visitors over the past three years, but ultimately it feels like it’s never enough. Like we never have enough time to see everyone. So much good has come from living in our new home, such as new friends and experiences, seeing a different part of the country, becoming more open-minded to different views — and that’s only the beginning.

With the good comes a feeling of missing out, too. It’s just a balance of visiting when we can and making the most to create quality moments with the ones we love!

How often do you visit?