How to Celebrate Father’s Day From Afar

How to Celebrate Father’s Day From Afar

As a military family, the likelihood of being close to family is slim. 

You may be living a state over from your father or an ocean away. We know military life can drop us in places we’ve never imagined. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your father on Father’s Day.

So, we’re going to look at a few ways to celebrate Father’s Day from afar.

Order dad a gift from his favorite store

Many online retailers offer military discounts. Order dad a gift from his favorite clothing store, his favorite sports store, etc. You can even order him a gift card and let him shop for himself. 

Father’s Day gift basket

A gourmet gift basket will hit the spot. You can order popcorn tin cans, cookies, nuts, coffee, etc. There are many different gourmet gift basket companies out there for lots of yummy goodness for dad.

Give your dad a call

Pick up that phone and give dad a call. Let him know how much you appreciate him. He will love hearing your voice.

Video chat

Video chat has become one of our new normals since COVID-19. So, why not schedule a video chat to talk to dad on Father’s Day?

Send dad a card or personalized voice card

Cards or a special note is a great way to express your feelings to dad. Write a personalized message to dad to let him know how much he’s appreciated and loved. Record a personalized message with a voice card. The sound of your voice will put a smile on dad’s face, and it’s a wonderful keepsake for him. He can pull that card out and hear your voice whenever he begins missing you.

Picture book

Put together a collage of photos. Include photos of your childhood to adulthood. Add pictures of you with your family. 

These are just a few ways to celebrate Father’s Day from afar. 

How will you celebrate your dad this Father’s Day?

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