How to Make Commissary Shopping Work to Your Advantage

Shopping at the Commissary

How do you grocery shop?

Hitting up the commissary is a regular go-to for many military spouses, whether they live on or off post. With special deals and no taxes, it’s a simple way to feed your family at a cheaper rate. But just like with any store, knowing the system and shopping in a certain pattern can help you save even more.

Remember these tricks learned by veteran spouses to make your grocery efforts worthwhile.

First things first, get the app. Just like the big-name grocery stores, the commissary has its own coupon clipping option. Load savings onto your account and watch the price drop when you swipe your rewards card. Superfast, super worth it.

Next, check out the sales. While sticking with your budget, it’s exciting to find a good deal. Stock up when the savings are to be found for a simple way to stretch your dollars further. Just be sure it’s items that won’t stale or spoil.

Parking lot or case sales are also a huge win. You’ll need to come with an empty vehicle, as you’re buying in bulk, but the extra effort can be worth your while in savings. Paper goods for the home, diapers/wipes, condiments, canned items, and more can also be amazing finds.

You should also check out reviews from others who have shopped there previously. If you’re new to an area, make sure you’re dealing with a location that’s on the up and up before you drop hundreds of dollars on groceries. Even with strict standards, a bad apple can fall through the crack every now and then. Give yourself peace of mind about what you’re feeding your family with a quick Google search before you shop.

Finally, go in with a budget and a list. Know what to shop for before you head inside. This can keep you from spending extra on foods you don’t need but happen to catch your eye. Sticking to a list will save you in the long run, and it’ll keep random items from collecting dust in your pantry.

How do you save on groceries?