How to Make the Most Out of an Amazon Addiction!

How much do you buy on Amazon? 

If you’re like me it’s a lot. Like, pretty much everything you can buy. No, I don’t subscribe to food or home items, but that’s just because we’re out of range. If I lived an hour north, you can bet I’d be having them deliver my weekly groceries, too! 

But when it comes to clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, gifts, every present I bought for the entire holiday season, rugs, tools, coffee, beauty products, our Christmas tree … it all comes in two days in a nice little Amazon box. 

Honestly, I’m sure the delivery folks are tired of my shopping schedule. While most items come USPS, we get the occasional FedEx drop as well. Between my dog and our weird-shaped driveway, it’s a large truck driver’s nightmare. (To them, I’m sorry!)

But it’s just SOO convenient. I drop something in the cart and I order it for two-day delivery … without any extra fees. If I need to return, I just hop-skip to the UPS Store. Credit added back to my account as soon as they scan. How easy is that?! 

If they made it any easier, I’d go broke! As of now, I have an “Amazon budget” so I spend my monthly allotment (even though it’s on “necessary home and family items”) and that’s that. No extras … even if it’s a good deal. 

If I do go to an actual store, I always price check to make sure I’m getting the best deal. Even with a two-day delay, Amazon is almost always cheaper. I’ll gladly wait to save a few bucks. 

Do you shop via Amazon? What are some of your staples? Do you have any safeguards to help keep your spending in check?