How to Save When Shopping Online

What’s your favorite way to shop online?

Do you like to shop online?

It’s SOO easy to add something to your cart and then have it delivered to the house. It’s even easier when platforms offer apps that send coupons and free shipping — in fact, if you ask most bank accounts, it’s WAYY too easy to shop online. But when done correctly and with savings in mind, you can actually save by shopping online.

For instance:

Use all the apps! Download free apps from your favorite shopping stops and you can gain access to coupons, customer savings, and more. The more you shop, the more you can save. Obviously this can lead to a dangerous place, so remember to be diligent in buying what you need and avoiding extras.

You can also opt for pickups and/or drop off. Grocery stores, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. allow you to order ahead and have items delivered straight to your car… or even to your house!

Or, if you subscribe to services like, you can have thousands of items shipped with free two-day shipping. Depending on where you live, you could even get free one or same-day shipping. WHAT?!

Personally, I have a big Amazon problem! They sell everything and it’s so easy to get it shipped to the house. I have to be careful about ordering things we need vs. finding a good deal or cart dropping things I find in ads. (A computer ad blocker has likely saved me thousands!)

Another go-to is the Honey Gold app/plugin. It’s a free tool that runs coupon codes for you, then awards “Gold” for a percentage of items purchased. The Gold can then be cashed in for gift cards. Similar programs include Retail Me Not, ibotta, and more.

To save while shopping online… shop around. Look for coupons, deals, and any scenario where you can get cashback for your necessary purchases. As for the stuff that’s not necessary, try to ward them off when possible!

What’s your favorite way to shop online?