How to Support Small Businesses During This Time

How to Support Small Businesses During This Time

You may be wondering how to support small businesses during this time of COVID-19. You may have your favorite local restaurant, hairstylist, barbershop, nail salon, etc. that you want to support. Or you may want to continue supporting your child’s daycare provider or private instructor.

A few things you can do to support small businesses during this time include:

Cash App, Paypal, Bank transfer

You can send your barber, hairstylist, maid, private daycare provider, etc. funds. My husband gets a haircut every two weeks, but since May 13, his barber has not been open. Every two weeks, he sends his barber the regular payment toward a haircut.

Order carryout

Even though we are unable to eat in, we can order curbside service and pick it up. Let your local restaurants know you support them. They will be happy to see you.

We order from our favorite restaurant. The owner is so happy to see my husband when he walks. The wave and smile while practicing social distancing.  


Donations are a great way to help small business owners.

Do you know someone who owns a small business? It’s ok if you’ve never shopped with them or needed their product or service in the past. Think of it as a friend helping a friend. Or maybe it’s a complete stranger, but you love their website. Contact them to see how you can donate. You may not need their product, or they may not be able to provide you service right now. However, your donation goes a long way and can help them stay afloat until things are back to “normal.”

You can send donations to tutors and private instructors. It doesn’t have to be your regular payment amount – any amount would be much appreciated. 

My daughter’s riding lessons have been canceled until further notice. To help with the upkeep of the barn and horses, we’ve donated funds to help keep things rolling at the barn.

Another way to support small businesses during this time through donations is to donate to the social media accounts you watch. Have you enjoyed watching a DJ spin their wheels on social media? Have you participated in an online exercise class, cooking class, painting class, etc.? Many of the people doing these things on their social media accounts accept donations. The skills they are sharing with you may be what their small business is, or it may be to help fill in the gaps from a lost income during this time.

Buy Gift Cards

You may be uncomfortable with ordering food from the restaurant down the street. That’s ok. But you can purchase a gift card. 

That gift card purchase is money in the bank. Money to help pay the rent, make payroll and pay any other bills.

See if the small business has a website. If so, check to see if you can purchase gift cards to use online or in-store. 

Gift cards make great gifts. Order a gift card for someone in your life and gift it to them.


Give a little extra to your grocery delivery driver or any small business who is still providing you a service. The business may be open, but a little slow. 

Share, Share, Share

Many of us know at least one small business owner—Head over to their social media page or website. Give them a share and let others in your social media feed know about them.